Dogs will Wander but Always Come Home


If I were a dog, I’d want to live here. What dog wouldn’t want to roam 32 acres? Daisy has been a happy girl since we moved here and we know Goliath will love it too once he gets to roam.

We’ve decided it’s time to trust Goliath. This is the second day of letting him wander the property. He’s been coming back to check in periodically. I do believe he knows how to get back home and where we are. Marking his territory along the way, he’s ensured a path back.

Yesterday, we looked up and Goliath was chasing the cows next door. A few seconds later, he came back the opposite way and was being chased by their two horses!

Today, as we were working in the garden, Goliath sauntered back in and lied in front of the greenhouse. He looked pretty tired and out of breath. He laid there for a few hours, but decided it was time to explore again. Daisy went with him. When they returned, Goliath announced his presence as if to say, “Here I am.”

We’re feeling good about letting him roam although we will always want to know where he’s at. Daisy roams too but she always comes back. Now she has a running buddy.


One Response to “Dogs will Wander but Always Come Home”

  1. yes he is happy and im glad he has more room to roam he will allways have a place in my heart im happy for him tc

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