Succession Planting



Now that the fences are up in the garden, we can spend more time on planting and cultivating.

The peas are poking up further and this morning, we noticed radishes are making an appearence. In addition, we have beets, carrots, 2 varieties of eggplant, 3 varieties of squash, red, white and purple potatoes and white and purple onions. Outside the garden is an asparagus bed with green and purple asparagus. Today, we will plant 3 varieties of beans and some corn.

We will have to pace ourselves as far as how much and when to plant. We wouldn’t want it all at once. The number we’re going with is 40 seeds for each vegetable and then we’ll plant some more 2 weeks later. I’ve read that soaking seeds helps with early germination so we’ve been doing that whenever possible.

Outside the garden on a hill, we plan to put a melon patch with watermelon, cateloupe, honey dew and pumpkin. Our other fruits include blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. We’ve planted a few fruit and nut trees; 2 pears, 3 apples, 2 peaches. and 2 hazelnuts.

In the garage, under grow lights, we have 3 varieties of tomatoes, ruhbarb and 3 varities of peppers. It’s almost time to move them to the greenhouse.

So far, we’e planted most of what we intended. We’re doing better than I expected given all the seeds we bought. It will be interesting to see it all grows and how we can manage the diseases, bugs and critters.


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  1. 1 lavI

    This is so awesome

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