Rock City


We have so many rocks on this property. They’re not huges, but they get in the way. Yesterday, Eric had me mow the field behind the greenhouse. There were so many medium-sized rocks that I had to get off and pick them up. It’s a horrible sound when the blade hits a rock! You don’t want to do that too often. It’ll tear up the blade.

In the garden, we find rocks every day. As we we’re preparing the garden, we removed hundreds of them. We especially wanted to get the big ones out.

In the arena, where we exercise the horses, there were quite a few rocks. Rocks are especially hard on the horses hooves and causes them to trip. Eric has been dragging the arena every week and has removed quite a few rocks.

Rocks have been especially useful to create damns or to correct drainage problems when it rains. It’s a good way to reuse and repurpose!

Eric has a big rock pile started. I’m not sure we’ll ever get rid all the rocks, but we have greatly reduced them in the areas we’re working in. It’s just one more of the maintenance tasks of this property.


4 Responses to “Rock City”

  1. 1 Carol

    Everything is looking so nice Michelle, I can certainly see all the hard work you and Eric have done, and the dogs are doing so well too……..nice.

  2. 2 Mom

    Damn the dam rocks

  3. 3 Mom

    I’m not just using the post thing. How did you know?

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