RESPECT on the Farm


I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what animal lives with you, each animal will learn to respect eachother in the home environment.

This morning, as I was cleaning Summit’s stall, I looked over and 2 of our 4 resident pigeons were walking around on the ground. They stayed very close and didn’t mind what I did. I even sprayed down the stall. Some water sprayed near them and they didn’t fly away. What happened next amazed me. Smokey came in and crouched down as if to stalk them, but then walked away.

Outside, Goliath was laying happily in the field near Terry. When Goliath first came, Terry chased him. Summit has learned to respect him too. Summit lets Goliath herd him back to the gate when it’s feeding time.

Smokey loves Goliath so much that he came up to the pool yard on night to sleep next to him.

Each animal had to endure an adjustment stage and then they left eachother alone. When Terry and Myst first came here, Terry chased and bit Summit. The horses used to chased the dogs. The cat has always been accepting, but that’s unusual.

It just shows, prey animals and preditors can live together. I believe they learn their respect from their leader, their master. If the master shows each animal respect, then the other will respect it’s presence.


5 Responses to “RESPECT on the Farm”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    That’s so amazing how sweet is that the pictures , seeing is beleaving that anything is possible !

  2. 2 lavI


  3. 3 Mom

    That all works until conditions change. When an animal shows it wounded then it will be attacked.

  4. that is wonderful goliath was allways a good boy

  5. 5 Carol

    You are so right Michelle, and your animals are all doing so well, and they all look great as well. Thanks so much for sharing such awesome photos.

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