Never Leave Your Door Ajar



Tonight, after we let the dogs roam awhile, I brought them back to feed them and get them in for the night. Afterwards, I went out to help Eric do the mowing of one of the pastures.

When I returned, I spotted Goliath gnawing on something. My first thought was my chair cushions. There was a bunch of things strewn out over the patio. As I looked closer, he was gnawing on a bag of bread, the zucchini was all over the patio and the kitchen door was wide open. I must not have closed it all the way. Goliath had managed to get the bread and zucchini down from the kitchen counter and drag them outside.

I guess I can only blame myself for not shutting the door completely. I won’t make that mistake again!

5 Responses to “Never Leave Your Door Ajar”

  1. 1 lavI


  2. 2 Molly Lisenbe

    Dogs will be dogs ! lol

  3. oh yes he loves food and is big enough to reach any counter so you have to give him credit hes not dumb haha hagd


  4. 4 Robbin

    LOL!! We went thru a few loaves ourself = all he has to do is lean his head over the counter.

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