Little Foxes


As I was driving up our street the night we got married, I noticed a bunch of eyes looking toward me from the road. I slowed down. As I did, I noticed a bunch of baby foxes scattering. One came toward the car headlights and stood there for a moment. It was so innocent. I’m glad I had slowed down. Eric’s been sighting them since Spring as he drives along the same road in the morning or at dusk. He’s seen at least 10 pups in the last week. They are so cute! We wish we could photograph them. We’re going to try and walk up there with the camera at dusk and see if we can. I’ll post a pic if we do.


One Response to “Little Foxes”

  1. 1 Tony

    Good luck , I see one or two on my hikes but havn’t got a picture yet .

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