As I was mowing the lawn (for about an hour) yesterday, I started thinking about all the services we paid for when we were in California; a gardener, a housekeeper, dining out, dry cleaning, manicures, hair cuts, coffee and tea, etc. Maybe we were somewhat spoiled, but we worked hard and were tired at the end of the day. Our attire even warranted a different lifestyle.

Today, I cook our dinners (Michelle’s bistro), we do our own gardening (x100), we clean our own house, we NEVER dry clean any longer, manicures are a rare treat (besides I’d ruin them in the garden), I’ve even cut my own hair (and it came out good), we brew our own coffee and steep our own tea, we are even our own pool service, and we maintain this property. We are saving money by doing it ourselves. When our garden gets producing, we will save even more. Does it feel like work? Not really. Do we feel deprived? Maybe once in awhile. For the most part, we feel pretty satisfied.

Our new work clothes are t-shirts, jeans, a work jacket and boots. I think Eric threw away most of his work clothes. I don’t have much use for mine either.

We have plenty of projects to keep us busy. But you know, this is exactly what we asked for. We have no worries and no regrets.



4 Responses to “Self-Service”

  1. 1 Georgia Paquette

    It’s a step back in time to a place where you can get a REAL satisfaction out of what you have and what you do. Making good money and giving it all away for others to do your lawn, cooking, manicures, etc. is not really satisfying.

  2. 3 Carol

    I think the life you have now is so so much better, I would choose that any day………….like you have!

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