Bird Watching in Our Own Backyard


The red bird is a tanger, but I’m not sure what the grey bird is.


It’s been so nice to to walk out our house and see beautiful birds. Out front, there are eastern bluebirds taking up residence in both the birdhouses my parents gave me for Christmas. Out back, we have the most beautiful pair of northern red cardinals that live in our rose bushes. After the rain, there are hundreds of American robins on our lawn eating worms. We have a bird seed feeder frequented by cowbirds, red winged blackbirds and tangers, and the occasional goldfinch. We have a blue heron out at our pond. As I look out my bathroom window, I see eastern indigo buntings, bluebirds and tangers. You can hear catbirds every night. They really do sound like a cat! I’m still trying to identify the bird that whistles like a person. At the barn, we have 4 of the most unusually beautiful resident pigeons; one common grey, one tan and white, one grey and white, and one black and white. Eric has spotted a couple of eastern screech owls. Every day, we hear red bellied woodpeckers (even through they have red heads). Geese fly over our property all the time. After the rain, the turkey vultures dry out their wings in the trees by the barn.

We’ve spotted wild turkey and quail while we were out a few times. As we are driving, we see a lot of red-tailed hawks.

I enjoyed the hummingbirds in California. I’m going to put the feeder out back see what happens.

Here’s a pretty good site with Tennessee birds,


One Response to “Bird Watching in Our Own Backyard”

  1. 1 Carol

    That is so awesome Michelle, I love watching birds, but of course we don’t have them like you do, the only time I see so many different and beautiful birds is when we go to Convict Lake or Bishop Creek. Again Thanks so much for sharing.

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