Equine Choke



This was a pretty scary morning. I brought my trainer’s horse, Myst in to feed her. As she was eating, she started pawing the ground. She was choking. She only had about a mouthful of food when it happened. I had soaked her food due to a scare we had last month. She recovered from it, but this time, she was not.

There was mucus coming from her nose and she was heaving. She lied down. I knew it wasn’t good. I quickly called Jessica to call her vet.

The vet came out within 45 minutes. According to the vet, the food was blocked in her esophagus. Horses produce a lot of mucus to aid in their digestion, so the mucus had nowhere to go. We were going to have to pump her stomach to remove the blockage. After Myst was sedated, the vet ran a tube down her nose. It took the three of us to work with her. Eventually, we started seeing the food coming back through the tube. It was about an hour of working with her before it had all cleared. Poor sweet girl!

Eventually, we brought her out to the pasture so we could watch her graze and make sure she wasn’t going to choke again. She looked better. The vet left her with some medication.

I’ve learned a few months ago that Equine choke is dangerous. A horse can aspirate and die from it. Luckily I acted quickly. I am learning!

6 Responses to “Equine Choke”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Good thing you reacted quickly & stayed clam !! Good job Michelle .. poor baby !

  2. 3 lavI

    Yikes! I would have paniced . Good save

  3. OMG! Im so glad all is ok! Give her a kiss from me please 🙂

  4. 5 Carol

    Great job Michelle, I would have been very scared too!

  5. 6 Sandra Pyle

    OMG! This was awful. You did a great job keeping your cool. I don’t think I would have been so fortunate. I am so glad that this turned out well! That would have been so scary!

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