Snake in the Grass


It was just yesterday, Eric was saying to keep a watchful eye out for snakes because he’s seen lizards and it’s been starting to warm up. He also said they’d probably be living near the trees.

We’d been talking about plant identification today and wondered what kind of trees were here. I decided to go to the back of our property and pick up a few leaves and see if I might be able to identify them. As I was picking up a leaf, I heard a weird sound coming from in front of me about 2 yards away. It was a black snack (a very thin one) poking his head up over the leaves. I am REALLY glad he warned me.

I was reading that the black snake can make a rattling noise. That must’ve been what I heard. Black snakes are also one of the most venomous snakes. I thought it might also be a black rat snake, but it has a white belly and this snake was solid black.

I took it for granted how easily it was to roam the property in the winter. However, I’ve been careful to wear boots and long pants whenever going into the pasture or trees. I think we’ll just have to be a little more aware of our surroundings until fall.



4 Responses to “Snake in the Grass”

  1. 1 lavI


  2. 2 Mom

    Looks like a common young black rat snake to me. They don’t rattle and are not venomous. The white color doesn’t appear for several years. They strangle there prey. They also kill Copperheads.
    The only other black snake that may be in the area and near water is a Watermoccasin, very poisonous, large body, no rattle, extremely aggressive. He would have chased you. Don’t want to ever see one of these. Shoot it soon.

  3. 4 Mom

    I have heard them hiss with a raspy voice. Also see them stand up like this when mowing.

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