Shearing the Sheep


Yesterday, I decided was the day to groom the dogs. It was hot and the dogs were suffering.

I’ve been grooming Daisy since we lived in California. It not only saves me money, but it allows me to bond with her. I use an electric trimmer and a couple different scissors on her.

I groomed Goliath shortly after we adopted him. However, I only use brushes, combs and scissors because he’s afraid of strange noises.

Goliath has much thicker fur than Daisy. In fact, it’s like a sheep. To maintain his coat and keep him cool, I’ve had to groom him once a week. It gets rid of all the dead hair and keeps the shedding from ending up somewhere I don’t want it (like the pool). Weekly grooming also makes it easier the next time I do it.

I’ve got a couple of great tools I use; a rake and a shedding comb. By using these tools, all that dead hair comes off easily. It looks like I’m shearing a sheep though because there’s so much of it!



One Response to “Shearing the Sheep”

  1. yea me and robbin had to take turns last summer. he looks great i have his picture on my screen saver . he is a wonderfull boy and im glad he is happy. well thx again and have a good weekend .

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