The Rhythm of the Seasons


While we were out in the garden the other day, Eric says, “We need to record the rhythm of the seasons.” We prepared, we planted, we did certain things in the Winter, we did other things in the Spring. The seasons dictate what we do. Keeping track of what we did will help us prepare for the upcoming seasons. We could ask ourselves these types of questions; What did we learn? What would we do different? What adjustments would we make? For instance, we planted tomatoes before the end of April. We had one night of frost that killed all of them. Next year we might wait until the first of May to plant them.

Keeping a calendar of significant events like, when we first mowed the lawn in the Spring, when the ground was first workable, when the horses could stay in the pastures overnight, when we bleached the siding, or when were the coldest days of Winter.

As we learn, we can make adjustments, but Eric believes it will help us be more prepared for the seasons to come.



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  1. 1 lavI

    !Brilliant idea

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