New Blooms


Everything is starting to bloom here. I saw two beautiful iris gardens on two different people’s properties on our drive today. Eric and I said we’ve gotta plant one! Here’s some of the blooms on our property:

Near the barn, we have the most gorgeous purple irises that just started blooming. We have some peonies that are just about ready.

All our rose bushes are blooming except our rose tree which will probably bloom next week. It has purple and white roses together on one tree. I assume they grafted one of the colors so there could get the mix.

Out by the pasture gate, there’s a type of large clover bush that is blooming with purple pom pom flowers. They are very pretty. 

There’s even a beautiful white flower on the blackberry bush.

The pastures have these little yellow flowers all over. It’s like a blanket of yellow. This photo is at the pond pasture.


2 Responses to “New Blooms”

  1. 1 lavI


  2. 2 Carol

    Everthing looks so beautiful!

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