Permitted to Burn


Earlier this year, we started a burn pile out past the barn. We’ve been adding brush and sticks that can’t be used for our fireplace. It’s a nice heathy size now.

We got a burn permit today and called the city so we could burn the pile at 9am this morning. The permit is good until 12:00am. I’m not sure why so long, but that’s what it is.

Eric is prepared. He has the hose out there close to the pile and has taken the tractor and scraped the dirt around it so it won’t burn into the field. The conditions are perfect. There is no wind and it’s early enough that it isn’t too hot here.

Eric put very little gas on one side to get it started and threw a match into the pile. It started up pretty quick. It’s been burning for a half an hour and it’s almost down to nothing, Eric has been tending to it and making sure all of it burns. He will have to water it down after it gets down to ashes.

It wasn’t as exciting as I imagined, but it’s one thing we’ve been wanting to get done.







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