Getting Ready to Visit a CSA


As we promised this year, we’re finally getting to visit a CSA tomorrow. This visit will be a start as we learn more about developing our own sustainable farm.

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and consumers. Consumers buy “shares” in a farm’s harvest in advance.

In the case of my brother’s family (the consumer), they arrange the purchase of their shares from their local CSA, Bugtussle Farm. They pick up their produce portion every week at their local farmer’s market. Incidentally, this is the farm we’re visiting tomorrow with my brother’s family.

Per Bugtussle’s web site, “Bugtussle Farm is located in beautiful south-central Kentucky. We are committed to sustainable, organic agriculture. This approach provides you with chemical-free food and also directly links you to the natural cycles of the earth.  The farm is managed in a holistic manner with all life forms and processes being respected. This approach has numerous benefits that differentiate our practices from conventional farming practices. A few examples: resources are conserved and recycled by working with, rather than against, nature; weeds and pests are seen as indicators of soil conditions rather than enemies to wage war on; and food can be consumed directly out of the garden in all of its goodness and glory without fear of chemical residues. Your (the consumer) involvement in this farm will simply be enjoying the delectable harvests and therefore helping sustain the farm.

We raise vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries, and mushrooms. The farm has a large flock of free-foraging hens, sheep, and cattle, all grazing on a rotating garden system. We also have honeybees, a young orchard, a vineyard, and a berry patch as well as forests, creeks, and cultivated gardens.”

Bugtussle’s Holistic Goals: “To work with nature, increasing fertility, while creating a sustainable whole farm organism by following nature’s model, respectfully using free energy and enhancing beauty, while raising a healthy happy family, living simply and frugally, raising our own food, living close to nature and being intimately involved in each other’s lives, earning a comfortable living while keeping our CSA small, having a personal relationship with 50 families and raising most of their food with help coming mainly from family and friends, in a low stress manner while affecting everyone’s lives in a positive way.”

Monday, we’ll post all the photos and what we learned from our visit. Stay posted!

2 Responses to “Getting Ready to Visit a CSA”

  1. 1 lavI

    That is so cool looks like a nice place to live and buy from. Loved all the pictures too

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