Two Houdinis


Leaving the house for a day always requires some thought, particulary when it comes to the dogs. We have to lock up Goliath before we leave because he follows us. Last time we left for a day, we thought we dog-proofed the barn enough and left them. That evening, we came back to a mess. Goliath pushed open the door to the tack room and him and Daisy consumed most of the cat food. The only good thing was is that they were still in the barn.

When we were away yesterday, Eric chained both the barn doors and tack room, dog-proofed it and left. We thought we were smart. We were driving up the driveway when both dogs came out to greet us. Our first thought was, they busted through a closed-off doggie door. When Eric whent to the barn to examine, the only thing he could figure is that they jumped over the manger, climbed on top the bales of hay and jumped out an open window.

One good thing came out of this. As long as the dogs don’t see us leave, they will stay around. It’s inevetable that we will leave them for longer than a day and this is just confirmation that it will be ok.


One Response to “Two Houdinis”

  1. 1 lavI

    Haha smart dogs

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