Bugtussle Farm – III. Livestock


We are particularly interested in the chickens since this is the first livestock we will attempt on our farm. We would like them to be free-range. Eventually, we would also like to raise beef.

In one of their pastures is where their chickens are. The tractor coops, affectionately dubbed, the Dining Car, the Nesting Car and the Roosting Car, moves every two days. They do this so frequently because the chicken will go back to the old spot if it’s any longer. The coops have sled feet to make them easy to move.

There’s a flock of 45 Shetland sheep which are raised strictly for meat. They are known for their short hair. Cher has selected them particularly because they do not require sheering. Their first endeavors included the sheering type and were a lot more effort than they were equipped to handle. The sheep were pretty wild and were hard to work with. Today, they make sure all their animals are approachable.

A small herd of about 15 cows graze near the sheep. All animals are on a pasture rotation system which helps fertilize the land.

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