Bugtussle Farm – V. Conclusion


Cher and Eric have been doing their CSA for 12 years now and have learned quite a bit.

Cher and Eric

Eric and Cher and their daughter, Olivia (from the Bugtussle website)

The one thing I’ve observed from talking with them is that we aren’t much different. We all have to choose what’s important to us and make sacrifices along the way. Time, money and resources all play a big part. Sometimes, we’re diverted in some of our decisions, but somehow it all works out and we get back on track. Other times, we find that it’s not what we need or want anymore and we go in a different direction. However, we learn to make adjustments along the way.

Visiting Cher and Eric made me think of beauty and simplicity. Life can be enjoyed quite simply just by appreciating the simple beauty of what you are surrounded by. By not demanding too much from our resources, we learn to get in touch with and have a personal relationship with the food, the land and each other.

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