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Berry Lucky


On our walk today, we picked some gorgeous blackberries off of one of our wild bushes up in the trees just below our house. We got about 2 cups off them. The thorns are treacherous! The blueberries are becoming ripe as well, but we only got about 1/2 cup off them. Advertisements

After Eric bushhogged the pastures this afternoon, he comes in and tells me to come take a walk with him. As we are walking down to the front pasture, he tells me that he scared up a couple of deer fawn and their mother (doe) when he was bushhogging it. He said they were living […]

Today it’s been cloudy with the chance of rain in the forecast. It was the perfect day for harvesting onions, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage and beets. We finished just in time. The rain shortly followed, so we ducked into the greenhouse to clean the produce and sort them out. It makes it miserable to do garden […]

In the winter, we trimmed back what we thought were hydrangeas. I never gave it a second thought. Well, today was the first day it bloomed. It was a large pink hibiscus. I did think it was strange that my friend wondered why it hadn’t bloomed yet. All the hydrangeas were blooming already. I’ve never […]

Eric finished the round center raised bed this morning and I planted some herbs. I just love how the bricks frame it. We found bricks for 22 cents each. It was a bargain. Home Depot didn’t carry them so they pointed us to a local builder’s supply place. We were pleased to find 4 sprinkler […]

A Hidden Gem


Tuesday, my friend took me and another friend for lunch and a tour of Huntsville (and some of its surrounding areas). Mooresville was the last place we visited on our way back home from Alabama. Mooresville is a historical neighborhood built around 1818. There’s a mix of about 20 colonial and antebellum homes. Each home […]

This evening, as I was walking by my rose bush tree (the one I brought from California), I noticed the flower that looked so beautiful this morning, was now being attacked by a gang of beetles. It had been doing so good. I just can’t let it get eaten up! I had Eric dump the […]