Making Room for a Kitchen Garden


On the side of the playyard is a small but adequate space for a kitchen garden. However, since we don’t have kids, it only makes sense to remove the playyard and add more space. We originally thought of keeping it for when my nieces came, but observed that they were much more interested in our pool. They will soon outgrow it since it’s made for small children. In one of the trees, Eric plans to put up a tire swing to appeal to all ages.

The first day on Craig’s list, the playyard sold. It’s gone now. All that’s left is is to till the soil and rake up all the grass roots and weeds. The soil looks great and won’t need much.

I am excited about the possibilities of designing it. There will be herbs of course, but adding flowers will make it more beautiful. It’ll probably take all summer to get most of it established, since I plan on starting most of the plants from seeds in the greenhouse. Right now, it’s a blank canvas with lots of possibilities. I’ll keep you posted as we do more on this project.

2 Responses to “Making Room for a Kitchen Garden”

  1. 1 Mom

    What are you going to grow there? To far to walk to the barn garden.?

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