The Need to Reinvente One’s Self


Upon going through a major life-change, one might consider reinventing one’s self. I believe one might do it as a way of recalibrating. Having done this, I can say its liberating and empowering. We take the experiences we’ve collected over the years and we see how it applies to our new situation; seeing how we might use those skills to obtain another level of happiness.

When we moved here, I knew I’d have to consider adjustments. Besides, I’ve been through this in my life: going through a divorce, getting laid off, starting a new job, and changing careers. I knew I’d have to develop new friendships and find things to keep me busy; possibly a new job or volunteer work, or joining a club or civic organization.

So far, I’ve met my neighbors and in turn, they’ve introduced me to other people. What I like about people is, they always have something to share or know of other interesting people. That’s why I love networking; collecting people. You can never have enough friends or connections.

Now that we’ve been here for 7 months, I have joined a couple of groups and am starting to feel like I belong. However, I still feel a need to dedicate myself to a purpose.

Eric explores possibilities all the time. One morning, as I was taking over the computer, I noticed a page on Eric’s Internet Explorer. He was looking at a UC Tennessee Extension class for a master gardener. It just so happens, I was just talking to a friend about going to an event hosted by local master gardeners.

After looking into it, I realized it’s a volunteer job to advise and educate the public on gardening and horticulture. They also work on projects to improve the community.

To become a master gardener, there’s 40 hours of training given by the University Tennessee Extension and 40 hours of volunteer work for the first year.

This would be a great use of my time and effort. I believe I could use several of my skills; training, gardening, database, graphic design and cooking. This is something I could really make my own.


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