Overpopulation of Weeds and Underpopulation of Me


Yesterday, as I was weeding in the hot sun; somewhat cooler than our suniest days, I started thinking, “Is this my fate; weeding every day?” I mean, it’s ok to pick a few weeds, but this is ridiculous.

I’ve been concentrating my efforting on keeping plants clear of weeds and not worrying too much about the paths. Eric wants to bring down the fences and till around the edges to clear most of them. During that time, he will till all the paths, then we’ll put down some shade cloth to deter the weeds.

I have to give us credit, It’s been a busy year moving into our new home: getting our 50′ x50′ garden started, greenhouse setup, and getting new animals. I think we were lucky to get everything planted on time.

The stubborn me will not use chemicals and I refuse to compromise. I don’t want to eat that stuff. I’ve read about some vinegar/salt/soap recipe on Pinterest and I was tempted to try it. However after reading further, I found that salt is not good for soil. I’ve also read that vinegar does not kill the root.

I guess, if asked, “What would I do differently?” I would say, I would’ve tilled the garden plots and let them sit for a week, then tilled again and tried to get as much weeds out as possible. I would’ve put shade cloth over the rows and put mulch down around the plants. Only then will we get some weed relief. I still subscribe to the idea of working smarter, not harder. Unfortunately, when doing new things, you have to go the harder route first so you’ll appreciate an easier route.

The good thing is, I’ve been getting a killer farmer’s tan in the process.

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