Good Grub, Bunco and Gardening Buddies


Friday night, I attended Bunco with a group I’ve joined here. In case you haven’t played Bunco, it’s one of the easiest games in which you can eat, socialize and have a glass of wine.

I feel I’m in good company. All the women in our group are smart, beautiful, around my age and most of them love to garden.

We had it at one of the girls’ beautiful 96 acre home. The grounds and gardens are impeccably maintained by her and her husband. The porch has comfy wicker rocking chairs, an antique glider, and a porch swing. Creeping along the edge of the veranda is a Jackson Vine which is a common vine here in the south. It truly is an extension of their home.

I’ve found that, here in the south, it’s all about the porch. People love to entertain outside as much as Californians do and they do it so beautifully. For as much as everything kind of dies back during the winter, people really anticipate and welcome the Spring.

For dinner, there was an amazing array of food. We had Chicken Mirabella with green olives and prunes, roasted potatoes, fresh green beans with carrots, and a salad made with garden greens, cilantro, roasted pine nuts, blueberries, and a homemade sweet creamy sorghum dressing. For dessert there was a blueberry cake with fresh whipped cream. Every single thing was delicious.

It was a pretty good night. I tied for the most games won, tossed the dice to decide who won and ended up getting $5. On my way out, I was handed fresh garlic, Italian parsley, curly parsley, basil and sun dried tomatoes. I don’t think there’s a better gift for me. These girls like sharing their garden produce and starter plants. That’s a good thing because I will definately be sharing mine.


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