I Wish Chiggers were Bigger


I’ve been getting bit up the last two weeks all over my legs and feet (even between my toes). I’ve been waking up from the bites itching so bad. I assumed it was mosquitos.

I mentioned it to my mom.

She said, “Oh no, those are chiggers.”

It probably hasn’t helped that I’ve been walking out in the pastures in flip flops but its been so hot here. Those little buggers hang out in the taller grasses. It’s about time for it to be mowed again.

Though I’ve read to put clear nail polish over the bite, I’ve also read that it doesn’t work. It says, to take a hot shower as soon as you know you’re bitten. It’s supposed to provide relief.

I had to google chiggers. They are apparently smaller than visible by the naked eye. They are mites in the larval stage. They are closely related to the spider.

I’m not sure what’s worse chiggers or ticks, but at least you can pull ticks off.


One Response to “I Wish Chiggers were Bigger”

  1. 1 lavI

    Yikes. Ouch .

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