Start with a Shape


The kitchen garden area we’re creating was a blank canvas this morning. I had designed a plan, but it feels different when you’re looking at the real thing. It’s kind of intimidating. I had all kinds of ideas of how to get there. I thought I might stake the shape, but Eric thought of using mulch to define it. It turned out to be a much better plan.

We mulched all the outside borders which gave the garden it’s shape. It made it simpler to install the green metal edging to keep grass out. It’s much easier to digest now that the outline is defined. The mulch gives us a better idea of how it will look (without plants).

Next, we will define the raised garden beds. I will use a hose to define the overall shapes, then we’ll fill in the areas with mulch. We are thinking of adding rocks from around the property as edging for the beds.

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