Not Quite Camouflaged


While tending to the roses today, I saw this cute little tree frog who kind of stood out. He looks like he fell in white paint.



5 Responses to “Not Quite Camouflaged”

  1. hey its chuck i see goliath is doing great and im happy can i ask you a question and any answer wont hurt my feelings becouse i know you are great people would you consider tradeing goliath for a full blooded puppy great pyranees. i am just asking and i understand he is easy to get attached to the only reason i even asked is the finall settlement shouldnt take about 30 to 60 days and we are buying has open fields its 10 to 15 acres and its right on the creek/river im not trying to start no trouble and as for me i love goliath greatly but i can see he loves you all also like i said from the beginning i just wanted him happy so if you want tokeep him i really do understand just let him know i will have a goliath jr if you would give him a kiss from me i look at his pictures everyday thank you and have a blessed day


  2. 2 Georgia

    Is that a white frog?

  3. 5 Carol

    How cute, I’ve never seen a white frog either.

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