Venturing Out


Yesterday, I was invited to tag along with a new friend who was going to Huntsville to pick up her new laptop from the Apple Store. She’s a friend of two of my friends here and moved from California about 5 years ago. Given said that, we had lots to talk about on our hour and a half drive there and back.

Huntsville is a modern city known for it’s history with US space missions and has been developing space technology since the 1950’s. The city, nicknamed, “Rocket City” has a space museum and is home to several tecnology companies, such as Raytheon and the Redstone Arsenal.

Huntsville’s mainstream stores and restaurants are similar to the ones in California. However, the variety of the restaurants and stores are much more diverse than the ones in Loretto.

At about 10:30am, we arrived at Bridge Street Town Centre. It’s a modern mall that reminded me of Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California. I felt like I was being rewarded since it’s been since October that I’ve been able to shop like that. 

We had lunch at PF Changs and it was comforting to find out that her dietary needs were similar to mine. PF Changs actually has a gluten-free section on their menus. We had one of my favorites, the Chinese chicken lettuce wraps.

Though my friend’s computer wasn’t ready by the time we had to leave, we had a wonderful time and had looked in all the stores that caught our eye.

On our way out of town, we stopped by Earth Fare, which reminded me of a Whole Foods Market. It was good to find some of the things I don’t normally find here in Loretto, Lawrenceburg or Florence.

On our way out, there were three dogs for adoption by the local animal shelter. Among them was the cutest little shaved black cocker spaniel named, Happy. As my friend came up to him and cupped her hand into his cage, he lay his head down on her hand. It was very touching.

Happy reminded my friend of her Dad’s dog. She had just dreamt of him the night before. The weird thing was, she hadn’t thought about him for a very long time. She figured it was a sign. She decided then and there that she was going to adopt Happy. In order to adopt him, she has to fill out a form and have the animal shelter come out to her house to approve the adoption.

My friend misses her dad who is no longer living. It seems fitting to get Happy; especially being so close to Father’s Day. We joked that I am now the proud Auntie.

It was so much fun getting out. We had good conversation and retail therapy. I am encouraged to be meeting friends my age and finding people I have things in common with. I think it’s especially important when you’re in a place like ours. People are not as close in proximity as in Los Angeles. It’s imporatant to reach out to people and make connections.

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  1. 1 Georgia

    Yeah for your friend who is adopting! yeah for u having such a fun outing.

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