Attack of the Japanese Beetles


This evening, as I was walking by my rose bush tree (the one I brought from California), I noticed the flower that looked so beautiful this morning, was now being attacked by a gang of beetles. It had been doing so good. I just can’t let it get eaten up!

I had Eric dump the four beetles into a bucket filled with soapy water (we had just used to kill a bunch of potato bugs and larvae).

Since I’ve never seen a Japanese beetle, and these were different than all the others I’ve already identified, I figured it had to be them. Upon reading up on them, I found out they start to come out around June. After I saw the picuture, I knew it was definately them.

They apparently love fragrant flowers like roses and they love Japanese maples (we have one out in front of our house). Not sure what our approach will be, but I will probably have to put some kind of herbacide on the tree. I can hand pick them off the roses since I tend to them every day.

It’s gonna make me crazy…all these bugs and weeds!



4 Responses to “Attack of the Japanese Beetles”

  1. 1 Mom

    Herbicides kill plants. What you need is an insectiside like. Seven or Malathithon that kill biting bugs.

  2. We are forced to use Sevin. Now, you can get baited bags and hang them strategically away from your garden (such as at the far back of your property, depending on prevailing winds), but there is an argument that they actually draw more to your farm! We tried this last year, and the dogs delighted in finding the rancid dead beetle bags before we could empty them, knocking them down, and rolling in the dead-animal smell. Spraying them with Sevin saves the cannas and crepe myrtles too. However, be careful not to let it get on other plants like coneflower or butterfly weed; bumblebees love them too much!!!

    • Yeah, I heard that about about those traps. We certainly don’t want to attract more of them!

  3. 4 Mom

    We tried the traps and they come by the thousands. No problems with the beetles this year.

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