A Hidden Gem


Tuesday, my friend took me and another friend for lunch and a tour of Huntsville (and some of its surrounding areas). Mooresville was the last place we visited on our way back home from Alabama.

Mooresville is a historical neighborhood built around 1818. There’s a mix of about 20 colonial and antebellum homes. Each home is well maintained and landscaped. It had inspired my friend so much that she incorporated some of those ideas into the exterior of her own lovely home.

Each historic home had a marker with the year it was built. The tavern, church and post office are still in operation. The post office is one of the oldest still in operation in the United States.

My friend showed us someone’s front porch where they had taken a set of shutters and made them into a folding screen. It was on one side of the porch to shield it from the sun. It was functional as well as visually appealing. I’ve never seen shutters used that way. Another home had used the screens all the way across to provide complete porch privacy (photo included).

As we were driving around, we could only imagine the upkeep of a 195 year-old home. My friend also pointed out two homes that were recently built. They fit well in the neighborhood and do not look a bit out of place.

I was really glad my friend took us on that little detour. I’ve always enjoyed looking at neighborhoods, especially ones with rich history.

I’ve included some photos, but because we were in a car and it was getting kind of late they didn’t come out as nice. I’ve included a link to some better photos.


2 Responses to “A Hidden Gem”

  1. 1 Molly Lisenbe

    Hi Michelle looks like your really adjusting to your new life style..Miss you these are really beautiful homes .

  2. Nice essay! It was a wonderful day. I never tire of seeing those homes and their settings.

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