A Little Slice of the Tropics


In the winter, we trimmed back what we thought were hydrangeas. I never gave it a second thought. Well, today was the first day it bloomed. It was a large pink hibiscus.

I did think it was strange that my friend wondered why it hadn’t bloomed yet. All the hydrangeas were blooming already. I’ve never grown either of them, so I didn’t know.



2 Responses to “A Little Slice of the Tropics”

  1. 1 Georgia

    I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s full of really great stuff that the two of you are doing. I see that you ate working hard and reaping the benefits of your labors. Very impressive. Heat wave here today. High of 95 degrees- – yuck. Power outage yesterday . They closed San Onofre. That will probably affect the power grid all summer.

    • Thanks, Georgia! I enjoy writing little tidbits every week. I hope you’re enjoying retirement as much as we are. It is 87 today. Just got out of the pool. We love having the pool. Whenever it’s hot, we just dunk in the pool. It makes the heat not feel as bad.

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