Good ‘n Plenty


Today it’s been cloudy with the chance of rain in the forecast. It was the perfect day for harvesting onions, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage and beets. We finished just in time. The rain shortly followed, so we ducked into the greenhouse to clean the produce and sort them out.

It makes it miserable to do garden chores when it’s been super hot outside, so we either do it early in the morning, dusk or when it’s a dreary day.

When it comes to harvesting onions, we waited until the stalks fell over and then we let them sit for another 2 weeks. After that, we pulled them out and let them sit on top of the ground for a day in the sun. To winterize them, we are letting them sit the barn for another 2 weeks (stalks and all). It is important to give them as much space as possible. Any rotten or mushy onions have been discarded and not composted. We want to avoid putting any diseased ones with our healthy compost.

To harvest potatoes, we wait until the folliage dies. We dig them up down deep about a foot outside the plant with a pitch fork and lift them up. This avoids damaging any of the potatoes. We got a pretty descent harvest. Our plantings consisted of red, purple and white potatoes. We harvested the purple ones about 2 weeks ago. The most threatening pests have been the potato bug larvae. We were picking them off daily and that seemed to help. We learned that from the CSA farmers, Eric and Cher.

The zucchini has been consistently producing. We harvested some good sized ones and a couple of baseball bats. We’ve been grilling them up and using them to make zucchini bread.

It’s been nice having big garden because we have had plenty to share with friends and family. We weren’t too sure how it would all turn out. The weeds are pretty bad here, but our harvest has been pretty plentiful. The only one that didn’t turn out as well as we expected have been the garden peas.

Eric has tilled up garden plots that were done for this round. We will get ready for our next plantings that will be in July and September. We will plant broccoli and some young cauliflower we started in the greenhouse next. September will be when we plant our winter plants which will consist of carrots, cabbage, spinach, lettuce and lettuce greens.


2 Responses to “Good ‘n Plenty”

  1. Wow that is some harvest! Beautiful!

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