After Eric bushhogged the pastures this afternoon, he comes in and tells me to come take a walk with him.

As we are walking down to the front pasture, he tells me that he scared up a couple of deer fawn and their mother (doe) when he was bushhogging it. He said they were living in the grass. One of the fawns had run back inside to take cover. He stopped mowing after he saw them. He wondered if they were still in there.

As we got down there, Eric took his walking stick and walked through the grass. One fawn bolted out and jumped under our fence and headed to the top of the hill. He suspected there was one more, so we walked to the other side and he did the same thing. The tinest fawn came out and headed in the same direction. They still had their spots. So beautiful!

The photo is not so good, but you can see how small it is. It only reached the top of the lower band of the fence.



One Response to “Doe-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Doe”

  1. 1 lavI

    Oh how neat! Too bad u didn’t get pics

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