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Black Beauty


Pretty butterfly pics from Eric’s camera.



On Tuesday, I leave for California to see family and friends for 2 weeks. Eric is staying here to hold down the farm. (It’s just a fact of life with a farm and animals. He will go next and I will stay here.) I’ve missed my kids immensely and am looking forward to spending time […]

Porch Presence


We’ve been longing to have an inviting front porch where we can sit and relax. There’s a swing there now I’ve painted black. Eric is going to build two really nice benches, a side table and a coffee table. I might even add a small bistro table with a couple of chairs where we can […]

Peach Fuzz


Tonight I made a tasty yogurt ice cream in my little ice cream maker. This is my own concoction since I couldn’t find one that suited me. I had a whole basket of local farm peaches that I had to do something with, so this is my solution. This peach ice cream reminds me of […]

We had a ton of cucumbers, so we decided to make refrigerator pickles today. I have to say, they turned out great. I found a recipe and of course, I had to change it. I adpated the Pop’s pickle recipe online. Mine are sugar free and totally delicious. If you don’t have fresh grown cucumbers, […]

I decided to make sun dried tomatoes. We had a lot of them. I heard plum tomatoes were the best to use and that’s what I had. I assumed it’s because they’re the most meaty. After making them, I determined, it’s because they have the most concentrated flavor. They are really sweet when dried. Because […]

Today we’re getting the garden ready to put in an entirely new fence, so all the fencing and posts had to come up. Eric thought this was the perfect opportunity to train me how to use the tractor. For starters, I learned some basics on how to start, clutch and shift. It is not like […]