Propigating Roots and Friends


As I am propigating the gardenia a friend gave me last week, I am reminded of how friendships need to be propigated too. When anyone calls, texts, emails or responds to my blog. I consciously remind myself to try and acknowledge each person.

For me, acknowledgement has been the key to successful and lasting relationships. When a friend does me a favor, I try to return the favor in a small but significant way, like bringing them vegetables from my garden or inviting them up for lunch.

When talking to someone on the phone, I try and give each person my undivided attention. I do not take other calls. I want people to know they are my priority. I am busy, but making time for people is the best thing I have ever done. I learned this in management some years ago, but find it’s just as important in my personal life too.

Long distance and short distance, all need to be nutured to stay alive. I juggle both: staying in touch with family and friends from California, developing new friends and redeveloping relationships with my family in Tennessee. I don’t want the family or friends in California to go away and I want to keep developing new ones here.

I am inspired by the people I have met since coming to this town 8 months ago. It all started when I sent a letter to all our neighbors. Three people responded. (Two of those women and their families came to our celebration party.) One of the girl’s mother’s asked to come and meet us and bring her friend. Her friend asked me to join her bunco and Lioness groups and introduced me to her friend from California. One of the girls from bunco introduced me to her friends and the Master Gardeners of Lawrence County. I am still meeting people and it is a growing chain.

You can do things alone, but it is always better when there are more. At work, I would accomplish so much more when I joined forces. It taught me that people open your world to all kinds of perspectives and ideas. It is no different outside work. Networking is a wonderful thing. The more people you collect, the more you have to draw from. And acknowledgement, well that just keeps them around!

3 Responses to “Propigating Roots and Friends”

  1. Nicely said! Thank you for your kind words. It is so very nice to have you join us here in teeny tiny Loretto. You bring a welcome breath of fresh air!

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