Summer Celebration


July 11, we attended the Summer Celebration Lawn and Garden Show which is a yearly event for gardening enthusiasts held by the University of Tennessee Agriculture at their West Tennessee Research and Education Center in Jackson, Tennessee.

The Lawrence County Master Gardeners charter a bus and go every year. We were fortunate enough to be their guests. It’s a wonderful event with fascinating speakers that includes a giant plant sale.

Eric and I attended 3 lectures and took a wagon tour of the Research Center grounds. The tour was part video and part narrated by a UT scientist who gave a breif history of the center, the current research taking place, and their important role in Tennessee’s agriculture.

I particularly liked the “Gardening on My Mind” lecture given by John and Anni Winings. They gave an inspiring talk about planting a vegetable garden using the no-till method. Tilling disturbs the soil, kills the earth worms, kills the living soil system and exposes weed seeds. In their demonstration garden, they were trying some unusual varieties of grains, tubers, greens, vines and roots. To control weeds, they used 3-4 layers of newspaper under a thick layer of mulch. Their mulch was aged hardwood chips; a practical solution, but also very attractive.

Eric enjoyed the lecture on identifying trees. He got a handy little pocket book to carry around with him. We have hundreds of trees, so this will be helpful.

Most states have lawn and garden shows. I highly recommend it as a must see. It’s a long day, but well worth it.


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