Heaven on Earth


On our drive home from town today, we saw the most beautiful sunset. We’ve seen some pretty ones here, but this one tops them all. It was actually more beautiful than this photo. It kept getting more beautiful as it went down.

A cop wondered why we stopped and gave us the thumbs up when he saw me taking the photo. Good thing. Eric doesn’t need another ticket!



3 Responses to “Heaven on Earth”

  1. Gorgeous! I didn’t notice it but will pay more attention from now on! I was out watering plants & cutting the Japanese beetle ravages from the roses while getting mosquito bites. Must remember not to be preoccupied!

  2. 2 Molly Lisenbe

    Wow Michelle that picture is so ” beautiful ” like you said more beautiful in person than the photo . Thanks for sharing !

  3. 3 lavI


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