Surprise in the Pool


When Eric told me to come quick and grab my camera, I thought, “What now?” A small snake was swimming in the pool. We weren’t sure what it was, We didn’t want to take the chance. I grabbed the net and Eric grabbed the clippers and we took care of it pretty quickly.

After we checked it out on the web. We think it might’ve been a garter snake, but couldn’t be certain.

We always check the pool. I’m really glad we do. I was afraid one day we’d see one. I’m just glad it wasn’t a big one. They can be really hard to catch.



2 Responses to “Surprise in the Pool”

  1. 1 Mom

    To bad for the snake they are good to have.

  2. Looked up garter snake after you told me. I had never noticed the checkerboard pattern of the back of the garter snake before you identified it. Too bad for that snake; its color makes it eerily similar to a more poisonous variety.

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