John Deere Driving School


Today we’re getting the garden ready to put in an entirely new fence, so all the fencing and posts had to come up. Eric thought this was the perfect opportunity to train me how to use the tractor.

For starters, I learned some basics on how to start, clutch and shift. It is not like driving a car in that the brake is on the side where the excelerator is and I had to get used to that. Shifting also took some getting used to, but after a short time, I felt pretty comfortable. I also learned how to lower and raise the bucket. After I was good at that, Eric gave me some instruction on hand signals. Since the tractor is such a large vechicle, Eric advised me to be slow and deliberate and to think before I did anything.

I took the tractor around to each of the posts and we used the bucket with a chain attached to lift them out. (Using the tractor to lift posts is a real time and back saver.) All that repetition helped me get the hang of it. Eric said it saved him a lot of time. He would’ve had to hook the chain up to each post and get on and off the tractor.

I’m glad I had the chance to learn how to use it. Eric is the best teacher. There’s just so much tractor work to do around here. It helps to split up the chores so that one person doesn’t get stuck doing everything.



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