What to do with all them Tomaters


I decided to make sun dried tomatoes. We had a lot of them. I heard plum tomatoes were the best to use and that’s what I had. I assumed it’s because they’re the most meaty. After making them, I determined, it’s because they have the most concentrated flavor. They are really sweet when dried.

Because of all the bugs outside, I decided to use the oven (at 170 degrees). Though people claim it takes 8-12 hours, you really need about 24 hours. After 18, they still weren’t ready yet.

I wondered if anyone has tried drying green tomatoes, so I tried them too. They turned out just as sweet as the red ones. If anything, they will add some nice color variation to my dishes.

After finishing the batch, I was very pleased with the outcome. I’m going to be drying tomatoes again. They taste much better than the store bought ones.

For my next crop of tomatoes, I’m going try making tomato paste. It’ll probably take alot of tomatoes to make very little paste, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I’ll keep you posted.




3 Responses to “What to do with all them Tomaters”

  1. We make about 3 gallon bags of these every summer. We have a dehydrator from WalMart or Target, so you are able to stack many at a time. We LOVE the dried tomatoes!!!

    • I have a dehydrator too that stacks, but thought I’d try the oven this time. It took a lot longer. I’ll probably go back to the dehydrator. It took way too long!

  2. 3 lavI


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