Porch Presence


We’ve been longing to have an inviting front porch where we can sit and relax. There’s a swing there now I’ve painted black. Eric is going to build two really nice benches, a side table and a coffee table. I might even add a small bistro table with a couple of chairs where we can play cards. We just need some accessories, plants and a rug to dress it all up.

Today, we went to town. Although this isn’t the best time to be buying plants here, I was able to find two healthy begonias, two coleuses, and two heucheras. The plants went in two black planters I found in Huntsville last month. They were a good find, on sale and originally red that I had Eric paint black for me. Once everything got planted, it turned out to be a nice combination. The colors all compliment one another. It gives a lot of life to the porch.

2 Responses to “Porch Presence”

  1. Very nice! Can’t wait to enjoy the porch!

    • Hopefully Eric will work on the furniture while I’m in California. Lol…wishful thinking. He’ll probably be building a garden fence. Furniture building is a good winter project.

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