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Both Eric and I love making jewelry. I particularly like designing for clients. I like when there’s a person connected to our design. Eric enjoys making custom pieces like the sterling silver tear drop pendant he created for this piece. It’s designed to hold a lovely faceted topaz briolette. The necklace was designed for a […]



Thanks to one of my friends for bringing our instructor to Loretto, I’m getting a great workout. I’ve joined the “Silver Foxes” and started exercising down the street from me. There are various ages of men and women and we meet twice a week. Our instructor, Marilyn is giving us an hour of the most […]

We have two beautiful quarter horses boarding with us since the beginning of August: Bama and Patriot. Patriot is Bama’s son. Summit instantly made friends with Bama. He’s such a lady’s man.

I had about 16 butternut squash I had to do something with. I decided to roast and freeze them. They are great for soups. It should make about 3 soups. I preheated the oven to 450 degrees. I peeled the squash, cut off the ends, then cut them into squares. I then put them into […]

Wooden Horses


Eric spent about 4 hours making these wonderful wooden saddle racks. They’re sturdy and stable. I can always rely Eric to make a quality product!

This morning, Eric comes in and tells me he wants me to come do a sanity check down in the garage. Eric has a dilema. He’s about to do an oil change on my BMW and doesn’t have any way to jack up the car. He gives me two options, 1) making a ramp out […]

This morning, Eric went to the back pasture to weed eat some kudzu he found on our fence line. We’re not sure we can control it¬†because we¬†learned It grows a foot a day! We think our trees will be covered in it within a few years. It’s aleady started climbing up some of the trees. […]