Mad as a Hornet


This morning, Eric went to the back pasture to weed eat some kudzu he found on our fence line. We’re not sure we can control it because we learned It grows a foot a day! We think our trees will be covered in it within a few years. It’s aleady started climbing up some of the trees.

While Eric was out there, he was attacked by some angry red hornets. They were dive bombing onto his head. Lucky for him, he was wearing a hat. When he figured out where their nest was, he moved away from it and they calmed down.

I’m always worried about yellow jackets, snakes or fire ants. You just never know. We make a habit of telling each other where we’ll be and when we’ll be back just in case anything happens. Staying alert and wearing the appropriate clothing are also necessary for safety.

I’m glad Eric was ok. He never panicks and usually does the right thing.


2 Responses to “Mad as a Hornet”

  1. 1 Mom

    Round up kills kudos. Get on it often or it take over the place. Now is not the time to not use pesticiides.

  2. 2 Mom


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