Oil Changing Pit


This morning, Eric comes in and tells me he wants me to come do a sanity check down in the garage. Eric has a dilema. He’s about to do an oil change on my BMW and doesn’t have any way to jack up the car. He gives me two options, 1) making a ramp out of 2x4s and 2) driving over some steps (which lead up to the house). It could make the perfect oil changing pit. The steps looked kind of wacky at first, but after looking closer, it appeared to be the safest most stable option. Measurements matched up, so it looked like it would work out great.

I stand by and direct him up to the steps, He gets out and checks one last time, then he drives onto the two stair walls. The car is now straddling the stairs and ready for an oil change. I have to hand it to Eric. This was a great idea.



2 Responses to “Oil Changing Pit”

  1. 1 lavI

    Haha! That is genius . Red neck oil change and on a beemer ! Lol. Classic

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