Culling All Trees


It’s starting to feel like Fall around here since Labor Day. I’m actually looking forward to the leaves turning color and having to wear a sweater.

Today, we walked our property tagging dead trees. It took us an hour and a half to walk. Eric calls it “culling” (which is what you do when an animal is no longer able to produce, you put him out to pasture. So, I’m not really sure if he’s using the right word). Once we cut down the trees, they will be our firewood for the winter. We have to tag them before all the leaves fall off and they all look the same.

I saw a beautiful butterfly along the way. Eric saw a baby snake with a diamond head. Lucky he was headed the opposite direction.

We have a total of 6 trees that will have to be cut down. It’s not too many, but occasionally, a storm will knock one down and we’ll have another one.

We can knock that job off the list now!




4 Responses to “Culling All Trees”

  1. he is still the best friend i ever had bar none

    • Hi Chuck. Goliath is doing great here. He’s my bud. He’s such a great dog. I will send pictures. Hope you and Robyn are doing good.

  2. 3 Mom

    After having 90 degree temps all summer, you are always glad to see Fall with cooler temps. Dad says that baby snakes are out this time of year so be careful.

  3. 4 lavI


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