Adventures in Alternative Cooking School


I am getting closer to a dream I’ve had of opening up a boutique cooking school here called, Adventures in Alternative Cooking. I will be teaching people how to use healthier ingredients in some of their favorite recipes. I will strictly focus on prevention and not ailments.

I’ve been taking lots of steps to make sure we have a successful business. I’ve created a logo and social media pages. I am working to compile recipes and journaling all my thoughts. I am living and breathing it every day by reading and researching everything I can. One of our core courses, the Foundational Workshop, focuses on different types of ingredients and their alternatives. This will give people a wide array of alternatives that they can choose from based on how they want to live.

Our first class will be this Saturday! I am giving a Gourmet Salt and Extract Making workshop here in our home. We will be making 3 gourmet finishing salts (lemon, onion and wine) and an orange extract to give away as gifts for the holidays. I’ve created pretty little labels to put on each of the bottles and tins. I will also be sharing the recommended daily amounts of salt (from the American Heart Association) and some other alternatives. The gourmet lunch that will be served that day will preview some of the things we’ll be making in our upcoming workshops. I am really looking forward to giving this event.

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