A Milestone


It was a year ago today, we closed escrow on our property here in Loretto, Tennessee. It is hard to believe that a year ago today, we packed up everything we had and moved to Tennessee. It was bitter sweet as we left behind loved-ones and started a new journey.

I think retirement definitely suits my husband, Eric who hasn’t thought a day about work since he left. He is happy to work the farm and retreat to his shop to do a little woodworking. He has crafted some beautiful pieces this year: a bench for his workshop, a chaise lounge for the pool, furniture for the front porch, and a beautiful log garden bench. 

Eric has found some beautiful lumber here on the property: hickory and white oak. He has slabbed them out for lumber and will dry them for a year before using them in future projects.


We continue to make jewelry and are still enjoying it.

I have adjusted well to my early retirement and have made many really great friends here. I have joined the community by joining the Loretto Lioness Lions Club and attending local events.

I recently started my own boutique cooking school at our home called Adventures in Alternative Cooking. My quest is to get people to cook healthy. My friends have been my biggest supporters and they have been spreading the word to their friends. It’s been a very positive experience. I want to keep it different and unexpected.

Next year, I will take classes so I can join the Master Gardeners. I feel it will benefit the community as well as help support some of my endeavors. I have observed how every experience is a daisy chain in this journey of ours.

We have grown since moving here:

  1. put up a 25 x 50 foot greenhouse
  2. started a 60 x 60 foot garden
  3. transformed the play yard into an herb garden
  4. transformed our front porch into a southern oasis
  5. started boarding horses
  6. joined the community
  7. started a cooking school

Today as we reflect on our personal journey, we are recounting:

  • adjusting to farm life
  • adjusting to a new climate
  • tackling more weeds than we’ve ever seen
  • battling the bugs
  • enjoying the seasons
  • loving the wildlife
  • taking a deep breath and slowing down our once hectic California pace

I’m always saying we need to “find our Chi” (our happy medium) and we have found it for the most part. We are still exploring what we’d like to do on our farm and keeping our options open. I think the key to a fruitful life is continually adopting and adapting. It assures our ability to stay flexable. Thank you to those who continue to follow our blog!

Love, Michelle & Eric


2 Responses to “A Milestone”

  1. 1 Sandra Pyle

    We cannot believe it has been a year since you packed up and left but in ways it seems like a very long time ago. We have sold the house in Long Beach and moved on from there. It is very impressive to read about all the things you have accomplished even though we read about them along the way on your blog. Thank you for keeping all of us informed of your experiences. Best to you both!

    • Thank you Sandra. When I was in California. I saw your rental was up for sale and was surprised. Hope it’s less of a burden on you two and you’re enjoying not having to worry about it.

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