Warmer Weather is Coming


This year has been a cold one! Cold weather puts me in hibernation mode. I am  not motivated to do much when it gets below 50. However, the weather is starting warm up around here. This last week has been spring-like and we’ve actually done quite a bit.

In our greenhouse, two weeks ago, we’ve started snap peas, garden peas, 3 different lettuces, cauliflower, bunching onions, carrots, cabbage and spinach in our two new raised beds. The seedlings are already starting to peak their heads out. We’ve also started eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and a bunch of herbs in pots. This year, we’re trying some new herbs like borage, echinacea, bee balm, lemon balm and summer savory that will go in our new herb garden.

In order to build more raised beds, we’ll need more compost. We’ve been collecting horse manure this winter and it should be ready in another 6 months.

Eric has started tilling the garden plot and is finishing that up today. We’ve already added compost to both the garden plot and herb garden.  We will add some more top soil and get mulch to put around our plantings in a week or so. I plan to put out newspaper before I add mulch and hope it will cut down on some of the weeds around here. We will see!

Eric and I started taking a master gardener course in the last two weeks of January that will last through the second week of March. We are already into our 11th class so far. The class has been encouraging and inspiring. My favorite talks so far have been biology, plant diseases, herbs and native plants. There are about 32 people in this class with a wide-array of knowledge and experiences. One guy in there is actually doing a small scale aquaponics in his greenhouse!

After we finish this course, we’ll be required to do 40 hours of volunteer work before we can get our certificate. Eric and I have signed up for a few things. I’ve also been asked to do a presentation on cooking with culinary herbs at their upcoming Master Gardener plant sale on April 26. (Our speaking engagements, events and recipes are posted on Adventures in Alternative Cooking. We’re always cooking something healthy and fresh.)

Thanks to taking this class, it has motivated us to develop a new strategy for planting, weed and insect control. We have a new crop rotation plan based on last season’s crops, Eric has finished his plans for a chicken coop and I am in the process of finalizing the plans for the herb garden. I am already on my third order of seeds. It’s really fun dreaming about it all, but I am ready to make it a reality.


3 Responses to “Warmer Weather is Coming”

  1. 1 Tony

    Sounds like quite a big endeavor , hope all comes out . We’re expecting our first big storm of winter . Hoping for lots of rain , we need it .

  2. 3 lavi


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