A Permanent Fence


Part of the fence is up

Part of the fence is up

This year we’re putting up a permanent garden fence instead of the ugly netting and t-posts we had up last year. Last week we put up the posts and cemented them in. It’s going to be nice once it’s completed. It will have four gates; one on each side. We’re building the fence to keep the dogs out, but will also make it aesthetically pleasing; It will be one of the focal points of our yard. Eric wants to build different arbors on each of the three entrances to give the garden some personality. The entrance to the greenhouse will remain plain so we will have room to replace the greenhouse plastic when the time comes. Eventually, we’ll add a path to the garden from the house.

Earlier this week, Eric came to me and said he had a “brain fart” (which in my mind means he forgot something or is having a senior moment). He continues to tell me he wants to use timbers from around the farm to build the fence rails. I had a good laugh, but thought it was a great idea. It would certainly make our fence more meaningful.

Our neighbor allows us to harvest some of his down trees, so the next day, we brought in some of those timbers. After turning off the electric fence and disconnecting the barbed wire, we used the tractor with a chain hooked up to the bucket to drag them over. Next, we used the tractor and loaded them into the truck. We brought them back to the barn where Eric is set up to make the planks. It’s going to take a lot more timbers, so hopefully we’ll find enough of them. We need about 74 planks to complete the fence. That’s a lot of planks!

So far, we’ve installed 8 planks (photo above). It’s going to look great when it’s complete. Eric says each plank is painstaking hard to make as it puts a lot of strain on the body when holding the chain saw to cut them. Cutting 2 planks uses 1 tanks of gas. We are hoping to complete these and have the fence finished by the end of April.

We are happy to be making progress. The mulch came in yesterday and will cover the herb garden and the perimeter of the vegetable garden. Not too long and we will start enjoying Spring. The weather is mostly beautiful right now.

One Response to “A Permanent Fence”

  1. 1 lavi

    Wow! Nice work guys! Amazing! That is a lot of work and yes pain on the back! Take it easy. 74 planks my goodness! Looking beautiful u 2

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