Our Ever Evolving Garden



The days are getting longer here and everything is coming to life. April 10 was our one year wedding anniversary and it just so happens, it turned out to be the perfect sunny day; perfect for working in the garden.

Our herb garden has been an evolving project. Last year we removed an existing children’s play yard and redefined the space for herbs. We planted boxwoods, chives, curry plants, garlic, lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme and two varieties of basil (sweet basil and purple basil). In containers we planted parsley and oregano. The only things that survived our winter were the boxwoods, chives, garlic, sage and thyme.

Preparing the garden is well worth the effort. The past 3 weeks we’ve been cleaning out the beds, adding compost, and cleaning up the path to prepare it for mulch. Putting down newspaper and filling in the path with mulch was a nice aesthetic improvement. Now, let’s hope it does what it’s intended and controls some of the weeds!

There’s just about every herb you can imagine planted in our greenhouse. My sister-in-law said we should plant flowers with our herbs. Through our master gardener class, we were happy to learn some new herbs and discover that most herbs have beautiful flowers: Bee balm, borage, cat mint, chamomile, chives, echinacea, feverfew, geranium, hyssop, lavender, marigold, nasturtium and Russian sage. The herb flowers are just as edible as the plants and make nice garnishes.

Growing seeds in the greenhouse has been a learning experience for me. I haven’t grown from seeds since I was a child. I separated some basil, parsley and marigold seedlings. The next morning I was happy to see them all standing upright.

Starting seeds has been a great way to save money, but seeing them grow has been just as rewarding. I love going into the greenhouse and seeing the seedlings peaking their heads up. Not only have we planted herbs and vegetables, we also planted flowers: 4 0’clock, canna, columbine, floxglove, hollyhock, lupine, pansy and Shasta daisy.

It’s almost time to move some of the transplants to our herb garden. I will wait a little longer to move the basil and lavender which tend to like the soil a little warmer.

Tomatoes grew nicely in the greenhouse last year free from disease and relatively free from bugs. We moved some of our tomatoes and eggplant transplants into a bed in the greenhouse. We will try eggplant and cauliflower there too and see how they do since last year they were overriden with bugs in our garden.

We’ve applied a new approach to our garden. Our CSA friends, Eric and Cher advised us to prepare the garden and let it sit before planting. It sat for about 2 months before we planted; no activity and no water equals no weeds.

Next month we will add the drip irrigation to both the greenhouse and garden. This will also control the weeds. We are still doing a little at a time, but we are evolving more and more each year. We are happy with our progress and feel we’re still learning every step of the way.


2 Responses to “Our Ever Evolving Garden”

  1. 1 tony

    Sounds like you’re doing things right , got green thumbs.

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