Photo Ops and Hidden Treasures


I love going on photo shoots. Last Tuesday, my friend Sandi and I were taking photos around Loretto and Lawrenceburg. In particular, we were seeking some native Tennessee plants to photograph for a web site we’re working on.

Seasonal white and pink dogwoods and redbuds are in their final stages of blooming here. They are iconic for this area. Forsythia (a bush with bright yellow flowers) starts out the spring, then the Bradford pears (an ornamental pear tree with white blossoms) and shortly after they start, the dogwood trees (with either white or pink flowers) and redbud trees (with bright pink flowers).

Sandi first took me to a property in Loretto that her brother-in-law and sister-in-law just bought. It’s such a breathtaking property formerly owned by another friend of ours. I couldn’t get over the two beautiful ponds that surround the property. The backdrop was a cover crop of wheatgrass gently blowing in the wind. We got some good photos of their tulip tree (Magnolia liliiflora), dogwood and redbud trees that were blooming.

When we finished, we headed toward Lawrenceburg to photograph some greenhouse plants at the Lawrence County Extension office.

On our way, Sandi asked me if I’d been to Davy Crocket’s house or Crocket Park. I told her I had not, so she decided to take me on a little detour.

Davy Crocket’s home is a modest one-room log cabin. Inside the home, there’s photos and display case of the tools used during that period.

Crocket Park is beautiful. In my opinion, it rivals some of the parks in California. There’s walking paths, 2 campgrounds, pool, lake, cabins and a restaurant that overlooks the lake. You feel like you’re in another world when you go there. I was impressed how well maintained it is. Sandi and her husband like to go camping there. She says it doesn’t feel like you’re close to home at all.

While we were there, we had lunch at the park’s restaurant and took a short walk along Shoal Creek.

It turned or to be a beautiful day. I’m glad Sandi took the time out to show me these little gems.

One Response to “Photo Ops and Hidden Treasures”

  1. 1 Tony

    Very cool , I was out in Joshua Tree last wknd. wild flowers were in bloom there also

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